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Pete Gale

100 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Pete Gale 100 days ago
Brian H
  • Lee Crossley we’ve seen auto tabbing bomb in testing. It confused everybody, including highly skilled users. They’d be keyboard tabbing through form fields and not looking at the screen. There is an argument however that it could be useful for internal data entry interfaces.
Pete G
  • We're seeing reports from testing conducted by local authorities that less experienced users expect auto tabbing between date fields and struggle with errors caused when this doesn't happen.
175 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Pete Gale 175 days ago
 Student Finance examples
897 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Pete Gale 897 days ago
Pete G
  • On Verify, we have observed less confident users experiencing very significant issues creating valid usernames. Although not everyone will have an email address, it appears to be less problematic as an identifier
910 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Pete Gale 910 days ago
Knowledge-based verification (specific to GOV.UK Verify)
Pete G
  1. KBV questions should be described as an 'identity test'
  1. Before the user is asked questions, the identity test should be introduced with a clear statement that explains:
  • the role of the questions within the process (this is to make sure someone isn’t pretending to be you) 
  • the source of the data used to generate the questions 
  • Reassurance to address concerns over impact on credit file (or which ever record is used as the source of the questions)
  1. Ask one question per page
  1. Present the potential answers as a set of radio buttons. Do not use a dropdown list (select box).
  1. Avoid questions relating to unused or dormant accounts (for example, credit cards with little activity) 
  1. Ensure that the answers presented are clearly understood and phrased in language that is meaningful to users. (Issues have been observed where the names given for providers of a financial service on a credit file was not the name familiar to the user.)
  • Examples on GOV.UK
Tim P
  • Post images and links to examples on GOV.UK or prototypes
Identity test introduction screen from GOV.UK Verify a prototype:
Example of an identity test question from a GOV.UK Verify prototype: 
1240 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by cjcheshire 1240 days ago
  • Build a 1 field version with fuzzy matching

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