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Stephanie Krus

354 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Stephanie Krus 354 days ago
Tim P
  • Post images and links to examples on GOV.UK or prototypes.
Stephanie K
339 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Stephanie Krus 339 days ago
Caroline J
  • Your data  aligns with eye-tracking studies that I've done elsewhere and learned of elsewhere too: users typically don't look at the banner while they are filling in the form, provided that the experience is going well. They only look at it if they need to swap out of their primary task and into another task like looking for help. 
Stephanie K
  • The colours seems to have change recently (on the 7/12/16?)  it used to be pinkish for Alpha and orange for Beta. Now they're are both blue. The link to the Github track at the top of this page goes to a deprecated account. The page with colours codes (http://govuk-elements.herokuapp.com/colour) still has different colours for alpha and beta too. It might be good to update this page too?  Personally, I prefer the previous colours...

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