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Gemma Leigh

962 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gemma Leigh 962 days ago
GOV.UK elements
Mat H
Gemma L
  • For the Android Galaxy S5 in the screenshot below, the date picker obscures all the content on the screen. Starting at current year isn't helpful when entering a date of birth and will require a lot of scrolling. GOV.UK elements has removed the native date picker.
556 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gemma Leigh 556 days ago
December 2015 - GOV.UK elements
Caroline J
  • Gemma Leigh Is that in the Elements? Or something else? (no link)
November 2015 - We added these pages to the prototype kit and updated the corresponding pattern
912 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gemma Leigh 912 days ago
Gemma L
  • Discussion
Gemma L
  • Moved from GOV.UK elements - Feedback - Data
Sjors T
  • (repost) Are there any benefits for the strong grey row colours and the strange dotted lines? Making the background a bit lighter, getting rid of the vertical lines and swapping the dotes for s lines makes for a table much lighter on the eyes. Example:
Tim P
  • Hi Sjors - I agree that the current style feels like a throwback from an earlier iteration of GOV.UK. I'll raise this and see if we can do a bit of a design spike on table styles.
Sjors T
Tim P
  • We've also been using the following style on se pages of GOV.UK:
Sam Q
  • Has anybody had any thoughts on how you would style sortable headers/columns? I'm keen to use the more stripped back style but not sure how well it would support this type of functionality. 
Tim P
  • Works well for simple tables and doesn't make them stand out too much, which the other style can do. Guy, how do you feel about this style being the default?
Guy M
  • Recently chatted to Mark Hurrell about this new table style. Great improvement I think and my understanding is it will get rolled into GOV.UK at some stage as the default. (Would be good to make sure all our tables work with this style before anything gets deployed though of course). 
  • Has there been any testing using these tables? Can't imagine there'd be any problems, but curious.
Tim P
  • Not that I'm aware of. The lack of vertical separators might cause problems for complex tables? Perhaps we need two versions.
Henry C
  • What do we do regarding tables on mobile?  I can see that we have reduced the font size on the example above, has there been any more consideration over this?
Tim P
  • Good question. We discussed various options a while back but I don;t think we found anything that was totally satisfactory. You can linearise a table but the results are unpredictable. Another option is to break a big, complex table into multiple smaller ones - which might also benefit desktop users as well.
  • Gemma, what if we combined the 'tables' and 'data' sections? It's all 'data' isn't it? 
Gemma L
  • The tables section has now been moved into 'Data' and the new GOV.UK simpler tables styles are shown.
Ed H
Tavis R
  • Would it be better to right-align numerical cell contents , if they are displayed in comparable columns at least? Also, I think there may be another numerical alignment problem in that the web font seems to have a narrower 1 digit, which does not help alignment where you presumably want tabular figure spacing  (perhaps that's a Typography comment).
Ed H
  • Tavis - yep, right aligning figures so they can be easily compared is preferable. The frontend toolkit includes tabular numbers already - you just need to set them in your sass. 
Gemma L
1177 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tim Paul , Gemma Leigh 1177 days ago
There are a collection of icons which are in use on GOV.UK available in the govuk_frontend_toolkit.
Tim P
  •  Gemma, shall we add this guidance to the Elements page?
Gemma L
  • The GOV.UK icons provided in the front end toolkit are now shown on the Elements page:
221 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gemma Leigh , John Waterworth 221 days ago
John W
  • Do you really need the first Yes / No?
  • Are you, or have you been in the last 5 years, employed by:
  • [  ] Police Force
  • [  ] HM Prison Service
  • [  ] National Crime Agency
  • [  ] Any other prosecuting authority
  • | Please provide details
  • | [                    ]
Gemma L
Radio Button - Error handling
We have had comments on the sue of our radio button from accessibility. I have attached a screenshot below. When the user commits an error there is a skip link that reads as “Please answer this question.” When the user navigates out of context this link is not descriptive as the user is unaware of what question must be answered.
Gemma L Here are the recommended patterns to follow for errors and validation, if you only have one question on the page: http://govuk-elements.herokuapp.com/errors/example-form-validation-single-question-radio
There should be an anchor link from inside the summary box (the big red bordered box that appears at the top of the page, with a heading in it stating there has been an error), to the field with an error - where there should be another error message, giving the context of the error.
More on errors and validation here: http://govuk-elements.herokuapp.com/errors/

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