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Lee Crossley

721 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lee Crossley , Ed Horsford , Joe Lanman 721 days ago
Tim P
  • A reason for accepting months as words is that some people (including myself) struggle to remember the numbers of the months! Obviously, there's no equivalent problem for days, so allowing 'th' and 'nd' doesn't help anyone
Lee C
  • What is the opinion on auto tabbing between fields for memorable dates? I've had a requirement to implement this but I'm concerned the users will not be able to anticipate the forced auto tab
Ed H
  • Lee Crossley we avoid doing it. I believe it is bad for accessibility ( Tom Byers can confirm). It can reduce usability for users who are not expecting it. It also makes it harder to correct errors. The user need is to support people filling in the form, not filling it in *faster*.
Lee C
  • Thanks Ed, I agree.
Joe L
  • agree with Ed - this is something that mid or high skill users often ask for, but can be confusing for other users.

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