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Brian Hodgson

630 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Keith Emmerson , Brian Hodgson 630 days ago
Joe L
  • agree with Ed - this is something that mid or high skill users often ask for, but can be confusing for other users.
Brian H
  • Lee Crossley we’ve seen auto tabbing bomb in testing. It confused everybody, including highly skilled users. They’d be keyboard tabbing through form fields and not looking at the screen. There is an argument however that it could be useful for internal data entry interfaces.
881 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Hodgson 881 days ago
Dan B
  • I am in the process of creating the journey for saving and retrieving a session. I am going to test having both a 'Save and continue' button or a separate "Save" button. With a separate "Save" button we are going to have a small notification/modal box which notify's the user that the form has been saved, we do not think this would be appropriate if a "Save and continue" button is used as it will become very repetitive. Does anyone know if there are any guidelines around how this feature should be implemented? can anyone give me some visual examples to take inspiration from/use as a reference in justifying the design?  
Brian H
  • Hi Dan, did you ever come up with a solution thats worth sharing?
637 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Hodgson 637 days ago
Jessica E
  • Re: Brian's registration flow, it would be great to see some screenshots of that. Good to know it's working well with users so far.
Brian H
638 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ed Horsford , Brian Hodgson 638 days ago
This pattern carries no more legal weight than just having them click a submit button. There's also evidence that people have become so used to this technique that it no longer carries any significance.
Ed H
  • I disagree with this guidance. This question has come up several times, and I don't think we have consensus here. The UI is not just about having legal weight. We've seen users who will blindly click on the green button without reading. Whilst they may click on an 'I agree' checkbox without reading, at least they've made conscious decision ('informed consent') to do that. They're aware that they've agreed to do something. With the button alone there will be users who don't even realise they've made an agreement at all.
Stephen G
  • For this sort of thing, the declaration and warning is more of a courtesy (from the user's point of view), and a nudge to get people to give accurate and complete information (from government's point of view). So in most cases, it should be enough to say something like 'By submitting your claim, you confirm that ...' - and leave out the checkbox. The GOV.UK 'exclamation' icon is useful here because it helps the warning to stand out.
Brian H
  • If we expect users to have a need to change their answer, after seeing a declaration—then that’s an argument to place declarations at the beginning. Otherwise, users are supplying information, without fully understanding what they’re doing. Users can be reminded of the declaration (if need be), or any legal consequences, when submitting/checking their answers. 
710 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Hodgson 710 days ago
Kellie M
  • Cool thanks Tim, we'll continue with the old style for now and see how it goes.
Brian H
  • We‘ve been usability testing the large radio buttons recently. They work really well for less technically literate users. We’re only showing them in our simplest application and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare in more complex designs.
603 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brian Hodgson 603 days ago
Brian H Student Loans Company
Here’s a couple of screens we’ve been usability testing. 
They’ve performed really well so far. We just need to tweak the text a little and improve the consistency between screens.
1074 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Caroline Jarrett , Brian Hodgson 1074 days ago
The yellow soft warning tests well and maps back to alerts seen in other online applications.
Caroline J
  • Thanks for the examples. I notice that your yellow soft warning has good contrast: black text on a soft yellow background. 
Brian H
  • It might be soft, but we still wanted it to be accessible!!

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