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Sheryll Sulit

19 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sheryll Sulit 19 days ago
Links in emails and texts are useful for users, but they can also pose a phishing risk.
  • To include links you’ll have to show that the level of risk is appropriate. For example, if you send a tax reminder and include a link to where the user can pay tax, that’s useful. If the only risk is that someone else pays that user’s tax, that’s probably an appropriate level of risk.
  • Links should only be to pages on GOV.UK, preferably the transaction start page.
  • Links should not go to a page immediately asking users to provide login details.
  • We still need to pass this by an information security expert
  • Personal information
  • Do not include any personal information that can be used to gain access to the account or more personal information (eg through the call centre).
  • Assume that the notification could be read by anyone, not just the recipient.
  • Include information that only the service would know (eg first name). This helps to build trust that the notification is from a Government service.
  • We'll review the notifications and links, and ask for changes if necessary

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