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alex jaques

213 days ago
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alex j Asking for telephone numbers
We are working on a service for the MoJ where we need to ask citizens to provide a telephone number(s) so that they can be contacted if required. We are currently testing with;
Is there any guidance / research around the most appropriate labels to use when asking for telephone numbers? Very conscious that the labels - Mobile / Home / Work will not be relevant for everyone  ... we are also looking to test with Main phone + other phone
221 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gemma Leigh , John Waterworth , alex jaques 221 days ago
John W
  • Do you really need the first Yes / No?
  • Are you, or have you been in the last 5 years, employed by:
  • [  ] Police Force
  • [  ] HM Prison Service
  • [  ] National Crime Agency
  • [  ] Any other prosecuting authority
  • | Please provide details
  • | [                    ]
Gemma L
alex j
  • Thank you John, I'll have a look at testing removing the initial Yes / No, it would certainly make the structure of the question simpler, my only reservation would be that for the Nos there wouldn't be any action required other than clicking the continue button, currently there aren't any other screens in the service where a response isn't required in order to progress (other than the start page) ... Gemma thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for
Radio Button - Error handling
We have had comments on the sue of our radio button from accessibility. I have attached a screenshot below. When the user commits an error there is a skip link that reads as “Please answer this question.” When the user navigates out of context this link is not descriptive as the user is unaware of what question must be answered.
Gemma L Here are the recommended patterns to follow for errors and validation, if you only have one question on the page: http://govuk-elements.herokuapp.com/errors/example-form-validation-single-question-radio
There should be an anchor link from inside the summary box (the big red bordered box that appears at the top of the page, with a heading in it stating there has been an error), to the field with an error - where there should be another error message, giving the context of the error.
More on errors and validation here: http://govuk-elements.herokuapp.com/errors/
231 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by alex jaques 231 days ago
alex j
  • is there a specific reason why this pattern isn't used on pages within a service? I can only see examples of it being used on service start pages?
Henry H
  • On services
The Service Manual requires services to link through to Done page, which asks 2 questions:

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