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Joe Lanman

721 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lee Crossley , Ed Horsford , Joe Lanman 721 days ago
Tim P
  • A reason for accepting months as words is that some people (including myself) struggle to remember the numbers of the months! Obviously, there's no equivalent problem for days, so allowing 'th' and 'nd' doesn't help anyone
Lee C
  • What is the opinion on auto tabbing between fields for memorable dates? I've had a requirement to implement this but I'm concerned the users will not be able to anticipate the forced auto tab
Ed H
  • Lee Crossley we avoid doing it. I believe it is bad for accessibility ( Tom Byers can confirm). It can reduce usability for users who are not expecting it. It also makes it harder to correct errors. The user need is to support people filling in the form, not filling it in *faster*.
Lee C
  • Thanks Ed, I agree.
Joe L
  • agree with Ed - this is something that mid or high skill users often ask for, but can be confusing for other users.
973 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Adrie van der Luijt , Ed Horsford , Joe Lanman , Stephen Gill 973 days ago
Ed H
  • Or zoom in and out in maps. It's odder to have the zoom in button disappear than having a consistent interface. Worth keeping in mind that these use cases are nearly all very rare on the services we make.
Adrie L
  • Should we use 'Back to Business overview' or 'Back to business overview'? Or simply 'Back'?
Ed H
  • I think it depends on the context. We normally use 'Back' would to take the user to the 'page they were previously on' - ie not a specific page. Though there may be contexts where it could be closer to how 'back' is used on iOS - ie up one level.
Adrie L
  • So if it goes to a specific page, should the name of that page have a capital?
Ed H
Joe L
  • So far we've just used "back", we dont have any research to say people need more
Ed H
  • Joe Lanman if my understanding is correct though, this isn't back. Back *isn't* where this takes you. As with everything though I'd test this with users and see what their expectations are.
Adrie L
  • In this case the user has started on 'Business overview', gone through a process to amend business details and at the end of this clicks to return to 'Business overview'. So in their mind they are very much returning to 'Business overview' rather than continuing to it. 
Joe L
  • Ah I see "back" should normally refer to the previous screen. In this case, wouldn't just "business overview" suffice?
Ed H
  • Possibly a green button "Return to business overview" ?
Adrie L
  • If this green button is on a screen that confirms the amended business details, 'Continue' would be my preference. If it shows amendments that have not yet been confirmed, it would be 'Submit'. 'Back to business overview' doesn't seem a CTA; if the user would logically expect to return to business overview after confirming amendments, 'Continue' makes more sense. However, this is just one example and the query I received was more in general about use of capitals when referring to screen titles.
Joe L
  • hm, good question on capitals, I'm not sure to be honest - We normally use sentence case throughout. So "Continue to business overview" or just "Business overview" - but this might be a question for a content person like Stephen Gill
Stephen G
  • I think it's sentence case. You either understand what we mean by 'Back to business overview' label or you don't - I don't think capping up 'Business' helps. If people don't understand what you mean, the answer is probably to change the label.
126 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman , Harry Trimble 126 days ago
  • order tasks, if they don't need to be
Joe L
  • aren't they going to be in an implicit order on the screen?
  • only show tasks from one department or agency
  • show tasks that all do the same thing
  • what would be an example? does this need to be said?
  • Harry Trimble Rob Le Quesne does this pattern assume that all steps are relevant to all people? What should happen when we only know what steps you should take because of your answers to previous questions? (branching)
Harry T
  • Only the tasks users must do. We tested a lot adding tasks based off users answers in the beginning. For example if a childminder answers they will be looking after kids 5 or younger, then the prototype added a 'do first aid training' task to the task list
Joe L
  • so in that example, is 'do first aid training' in the task list? What did you find from that testing?
197 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman 197 days ago
Joe L
  • this makes email address a requirement. What do we do with people who don't have them? Or share an account. I would recommend they open one and provide links to Gmail, Outlook. I think the complexity of supporting alternative models is too great and could impact too much on the large majority.
603 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman 603 days ago
Joe L
  • clear confirmation that the user has completed the process - use a tick, as we shouldn't rely on colour to convey success.
  • a reference number (if there is one)
582 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michael Hart , Joe Lanman 582 days ago
Michael H Has any work been done on how grid questions should be displayed?
Joe L
  • what do you mean by grid questions? Can you give an example?
Michael H
  • Here is an example.
Joe L
  • thanks! Personally I'm not aware of this pattern being used or researched at GOV.UK - Caroline Jarrett?

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