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Joe Lanman

1019 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ryan Burke , Joe Lanman 1019 days ago
Tim P Add, edit, delete loop
The user needs to be able to add, edit and delete items from a list. Simple examples include people's names, addresses, birth dates and nationalities. In more complex cases you might need to add whole pages of information.
Ryan B How should this work for people using screen readers and non-javascript users? Should a full refresh of the page occur and the field added at way? For mobile users I believe this would put them back to the top of the page (annoying), and also incur them the extra data cost from fully refreshing the page. 
Joe L
  • perhaps the extra fields could just be on the page for non - javascript?
4 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman 4 days ago
  • Multiple levels of navigation
868 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman 868 days ago
Joe L
  • I'm afraid it's not in elements at the moment, good to know that would be useful, we should probably agree on a pattern for summaries and add it to elements/snippets
341 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Caroline Jarrett , Joe Lanman 341 days ago
Caroline J
  • Suggestion: Trry: 'Apply for funding for projects that will reduce the risk of flooding or coastal erosion'.
Caroline J
Tim P 3. Brief additional information
Tell people about:
  • information or documents they will need to use the service
  • anything that will help them decide whether to use the service (eg how much it costs, how long it takes)
  • other ways that people can access the service
Caroline J If this list becomes longer than a couple of sentences, then it is no longer 'brief' and many users will skip it. Absorbing the additional information becomes a thing to do - move it into the actual service. 
Tim P There’s no need to mention something that most users will already know or assume.
Don’t try to get across complex eligibility criteria. Instead, deal with these inside the service itself.
Joe L
  • Tim Paul  I think the guidance isn't as clear as it could be. Elsewhere you've  said "below the button is reserved purely for alternative ways of  accessing the service" which sounds good to me. However here we've  conflated things people do need to know (things they will need, how long  it takes) with Other ways. Suggest we title the section under the  button Other ways to [Do the thing].
Caroline J
  • Joe Lanman I've edited this and moved it up - OK now?
Joe L
  • Caroline Jarrett sorry it was a while ago and I'm not totally sure what the changes were? It still seems like 'other ways' is part of this section, which was my original issue. Actually, it seems like this content has gone out of sync with the image? (3) is the button in the image...
4. Call to action button
This button text must contain a clear call to action to start the service.
If the service is not hosted on GOV.UK then then tell the user why it's hosted elsewhere.
  • what would be an example of explaining 'why'? Is it a user need to know?
515 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Pietro Desiato , Joe Lanman 515 days ago
Ed H
  • Always a possibility. But if there's a *neat* way to include them, I'd prefer that!
Pietro D
  • Is the need for having "county"? On the manual we say "include a county field though – it lets people who don’t know the postcode give a valid address" - but if the postcode is mandatory, that doesn't work. On the Royal Mail website they say there is "no need to include a county name" to make the address valid. They do need the postcode though.
Joe L
  • If the postcode is mandatory, then yes it seem like asking for county is redundant
19 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman 19 days ago
Joe L GOV.UK Publications
GOV.UK Whitehall Publisher
GOV.UK Search
Christopher T Cross-Government Service Data (Alpha)
Users are civil servants who need to get an overview of whats going on across government departments, agencies and services. They often need to find things that match their specific areas of interest.
Joe L GOV.UK Pay

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