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Joe Lanman

829 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman , Tom Byers , Ed Horsford 829 days ago
Tom B
  • I'd be interested to know the reason for putting the 'Loading' indicator into the button. Is it just to stop users clicking on it while the results load?
Ed H
  • I'd be tempted to clear the results list and put a 'spinner' or similar in it's place whilst the results load.
Joe L
  • GOV.UK Verify
Ed H Passports
We have two locations where an interstitial page is required to redirect users to another part of the service. These occur before sending users to the payment provider, and after they are sent back. The latter instance isn't required, but provides a method for us to try to stop users clicking 'back' and returning to the payment provider.
  • Happy path:
  • Unhappy path (redirect fails):
Why we do this:
Having content show briefly before the redirect is distracting. This pattern delays showing the 'click here to continue' content until after the redirect should have happen. It's done using javascript so if javascript is disabled the content is shown by default.
  • Photo uploads:
We use a spinner and some cycling text to cover two user needs. 1. Showing something whilst an upload happens. 2. Indicating that *something* is happening. We found that understanding of our 'automated' processes increased greatly with this cycling text. The cycling text shows regardless of if the upload finishes sooner.
  • Research
Joe L
  • GOV.UK Verify
The situation (as shown above) is that a department may take some time to match your verified identity to the records they hold. We initially tried "connecting to DVLA" but some people in research were worried that there was a problem at their end (lost internet connection etc). The new language "DVLA is processing your details" is testing much better. The line "This may take a minute or so, please bear with us" is also testing well.
7 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman , Harry Trimble 7 days ago
  • order tasks, if they don't need to be
Joe L
  • aren't they going to be in an implicit order on the screen?
  • only show tasks from one department or agency
  • show tasks that all do the same thing
  • what would be an example? does this need to be said?
  • Harry Trimble Rob Le Quesne does this pattern assume that all steps are relevant to all people? What should happen when we only know what steps you should take because of your answers to previous questions? (branching)
Harry T
  • Only the tasks users must do. We tested a lot adding tasks based off users answers in the beginning. For example if a childminder answers they will be looking after kids 5 or younger, then the prototype added a 'do first aid training' task to the task list
Joe L
  • so in that example, is 'do first aid training' in the task list? What did you find from that testing?
10 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joe Lanman 10 days ago
Sanjay P
  • What security policy would this not be compatible with? Passwordless accounts are more secure. 
Joe L
  • It's just a note to make sure - we wouldn't want to publish something which conflicted with another org such as the NCSC
539 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Pietro Desiato , Joe Lanman 539 days ago
Ed H
  • Always a possibility. But if there's a *neat* way to include them, I'd prefer that!
Pietro D
  • Is the need for having "county"? On the manual we say "include a county field though – it lets people who don’t know the postcode give a valid address" - but if the postcode is mandatory, that doesn't work. On the Royal Mail website they say there is "no need to include a county name" to make the address valid. They do need the postcode though.
Joe L
  • If the postcode is mandatory, then yes it seem like asking for county is redundant
903 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ed Horsford , Gemma Leigh , Joe Lanman 903 days ago
  • visually fade the underlying page whilst a modal dialogue is open. This helps users of screen magnifiers understand why they’re unable to interact with the underlying page
Ed H
  • prevent scrolling of the underlying page whilst a modal dialog is open. The user should not be able to interact with the original page whilst it's open.
LPA 'add another'
The Lasting Power of Attorney service uses modal dialogs for 'add another' functionality. The summary is shown on screen, but modals used to edit it.
Joe L
  • this seems like something that would be better as a separate page. There's a lot of content and it's quite complex. 
GOV.UK Verify
I'd normally use 'expanders' to do this, but on this page, the grid layout doesn't work well with expanders.
Ed H
  • What's an expander?
Gemma L
  • Details/summary - progressive disclosure (I think).
Ed H
  • Gotcha.
  • For me modals can be useful for where you want to provide additional functionality - details isn't always suited to this.
Gemma L
  • GOV.UK Verify 
An example of resizing modal windows for smaller screens.
Joe L
  • Just thinking about the back button. I haven't seen anyone try and use it on the desktop version, but I imagine they might with the mobile design as it looks like a new page.
  • We could either make it look more 'popup-y' (show a bit of background around the edge) or support the back button, so pressing it hides the dialog

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