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19 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by Millie Chan 19 hours ago
Millie C
  • Thanks Dave House. Do you know if this is the official one to move forward? I have seen different styles previously - e.g. with chevron on the left or right
4 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Melody Curtis 4 days ago
Melody C Searching for a pattern for results of a calculation
Can anyone help?
I'm working on a project that calculates two entries and displays a result.
Has anyone seen a pattern for displaying a one sentence result and a number?
Like this:
Your costs are more than 2% of your turnover so you must use your business rate 
The VAT owed is £11,546.70 
Any help appreciated.
4 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Imran Younis 4 days ago
The most basic upload mechanism is the file picker. This can be difficult to use on desktop devices, but works well on mobile devices. You should support using a file picker as a minimum before adding alternatives.
Ed H Drag and drop
Proficient  computer users may prefer to drag and drop from their file system onto the browser. 
Caroline J Always use another upload method alongside drag and drop.
Ed H
  • Drag and drop only works in modern browsers
Caroline J
  • Users with dexterity problems such as tremor may have difficulty dragging a file.
Ed H
  • You may want to support drag and drop to support users who attempt to drag a file, and would otherwise lose their progress in the service.
Things needed:
  • How to indicate drag&drop-ability
  • Designs for on-drag
  • Research / uptake?
Tim P
  • Discussion
Ed H
  • From working on Passports, I'd say this is one pattern where the type of audience will have a big impact on what sorts of patterns you use. If users are generally comfortable with file upload dialogs, then something 'standard' is ok. If they struggle - then they really struggle. Many of our issues come from users needing to get the file off of another device before upload. This has proven to be especially hard.
Tim P Some topics:
  • wording: 'attach' vs. 'upload'
Michael L
  • Any more thoughts on the wording of upload a file vs attach a file?
Steven P
  • I've never seen attach used for anything except emails – I think it is part of the vocabulary. I'd find attach to mean upload a bit odd as I'm not attaching it to anything – I'm sending it somewhere.
Ed H
  • I did research looking at lots of 'social' type websites when I started on passports - those that do photo uploads or avatars. The overwhelming majority use the word 'upload'. We've found in research that less technically proficient users don't know what upload means, but they have a general idea that it's something to do with computers.
Tim P
  • general usability: how do inexperienced users fare with attaching files
  • mobile vs. desktop user experience
  • default browser widgets: are they good enough or do we need a custom control?
  • managing multiple file uploads
Ed H
  • whether to immediately upload after selecting file, or to 'batch' together, then have an 'upload' button.
  • drag and drop as alternative to upload
Tim P Ed, I know you've had to deal with some of the above. Any thoughts?
Ed H
  • Tim - sorry, missed this before. Brain spew commences. John - can you also contribute? Will add some screenshots later.
  • We've gone quite far down the route of different upload methods because it's by far the hardest part of our service. I feel for many services (possibly with a more technical audience), a more typical upload picker may be suitable.
Basic file upload (aka file picker)
This UI can work well if users are familiar navigating a file system and selecting files. Some users can still struggle if they're unsure where the file they want is.
If users are unfamiliar with file system navigation (many are), then a file picker can completely block their progress.
Steven P
  • Design
Steven P
  • Drag and drop is used alongside 'browse' as our user research showed some users would upload many reports in a single visit and not many users knew how to do this through browse. We did try multiple 'browse'  buttons but that tested terribly – users repeatedly clicked the first 'Choose file' button and didn't realise they were overwriting previously chosen reports.
  • We create the list of reports above the drag and drop box irrespective of how the user selects the files because we perform report-level checks, like file type, size and length of file name, that stop the file from being checked for formatting errors. It gives the user more control and provides earlier feedback.
Michael L
  • For The Queens Awards for Enterprise we require more information with each file, so we have come up with the following interaction. The upload button can also be pressed multiple times to attach more than one file.
Tim P
  • Michael - you could tackle the above another way: Firstly, just let users enter URLs in the main body of the text. I'm guessing some users will do this anyway. That way there's only one kind of  additional action - 'Upload a file', which will make it significantly easier to design. Given that there's a maximum of 4 attachments you could even just offer 4 file attachment controls on the page, and do away with the whole 'Add another' headache altogether.
Steven P
  • JavaScript-free
Steven P
  • We have a JavaScript-free version of the screen that allows the user to upload a single report. When the user click and both the report-level checks and formatting error checks are done on the button click. No user has ever had JavaScript switched off, but when they were shown this page it tested well with those who would only ever upload one file, but those who did more than one is a visit didn't want to have to go through the process more than once.
  • User research
  • Users familiar with drag and drop from other software or things like Gmail have used the feature during testing. They've found it easy to use and like the visual changes to the area when they are about to drop a report.
  • Those who didn't use it said they were unfamiliar with it and are used to browsing for a file. There was uncertainty about how to drag and drop without having to resize windows and opening Windows Explorer.
  • People with more than one monitor found it easy too.
  • We don't have any mobile device users – due to security and not being able to access their files –  so it hasn't been tested on phones or tablets.
Ed H
  • Does drag and drop from a mobile perspective make sense? I guess some tablets blur the lines...
Steven P
  • I agree it' doesn't make a lot of sense because of how the devices work. It would be more suitable to have the browse override the drag and drop on mobile devices, in the same way that JavaScript-free version does.
Ed H Emailing files to the service
Many users have email set up on their device and feel comfortable with the idea of emailing. This can be an effective route to receive files (particularly from mobile devices), but presents several challenges:
  • getting users to enter the correct address, 
  • slow upload times
  • email often miss-configured
  • if something goes wrong, it's hard for the service to know where it went wrong
On passports we considered two different email routes:
  • Give the user a custom email address that identifies them. 
eg passports-x9u-5n2@gov.uk
This may work well for repeat sending (it's a pattern Flickr use), but may present difficulties in getting the user to correctly enter the address.
  • Have the user email a generic address, but reply to them with a code they can use.
Using the code means you're effectively building an email confirmation route. A service could ask up front for the user's email address and check for that, but sender addresses can easily be faked. Replying to the address with a code tested well with Passports (provided the user could send the email in the first place). 
Upload from a mobile device
File uploads from a mobile device (particularly photos) can often be much easier for users. If they can be directed to access the service from a mobile device, they may be able to upload much more easily.
Ed H
  • For passports, once they've uploaded from their other device, they can either continue to use the service on that device, or get given a code to 'retrieve' their file from another device.
Third party integration
Letting users upload through a third party may be an easy way for them to provide files, so long as it's likely the file exists with the third party, and they're already connected with the service. However, this method is likely to target more 'advanced' users - it won't help users who don't know what 'dropbox' is.
Filepicker is an example of a 'drop-in' way to let users connect multiple services.
  • Several users have queried in Passports user research whether we could 'link with Dropbox'. It's something we may consider, but right are concentrating on users who aren't capable enough to know how to use dropbox. Ie Dropbox integration may be convenient, but these use rs tend to be capable enough to use other methods.
4 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Nivedita Bijlani 4 days ago
  • Should notifications be dismissable?
  • When is it appropriate to use them?
  • What styling should be used?
  • Should there be different types? (eg confirmation / warning)
4 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Jason Bootle 4 days ago
Joe L
  • this makes email address a requirement. What do we do with people who don't have them? Or share an account. I would recommend they open one and provide links to Gmail, Outlook. I think the complexity of supporting alternative models is too great and could impact too much on the large majority.
Jason B
  • Some users want to be able to share their sign in with trusted parties to review their application. A time limited email doesn't work in this scenario. Ideally you'd set up user accounts with separate access for each of the individuals but for some services this might be overkill. Having username and password allows users to easily share access.
5 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Keith Emmerson 5 days ago
Notification preferences – interaction patterns

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