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Check before you start
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Ed H
  • Accessibility of progress indicators
Here's the markup that Passports uses to communicate the upload progress to users of assistive technology:
  • <div id="progress-container" class="progress-container" role="region" aria-live="assertive" tabindex="-1">
  •   <p id="progress" class="progress" role="progressbar" aria-valuenow="99" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100">Uploading image</p>
  •   <div class="percentage"><p id="percentage">99%</p></div>
  • </div>
  • <div class="column-two-thirds hide">
  •   <header>
  •     <h1>Upload your photo</h1>    
  •   </header>
  • </div>
  • Representing loading with semantics
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Sophie J Dog training research
Carys J The Kennel Club Website
Basic Dog Training Methods Youtube Video
Sophie J These are good links, and the kennel club link is also the same as the one I have used.
Dog training
Kennel club dog training - 
22014696@cambria.ac.uk Good link Sophie Jones, I might use this. 
22014690@cambria.ac.uk Great link i think this will be useful. 
Sophie J How to train your dog video -
Benefits of training your dog website-
Carys J This is a good link Sophie Jones, useful relevant information on the benefits of dog training, I may take this into account for my own work.
22014696@cambria.ac.uk Dog training- Tamzin 
22014690@cambria.ac.uk Great links I will be sure to use them.
Sophie J These are good links, they have some useful information and look professional.
22014690@cambria.ac.uk Dog Training - Ben 
Carys J Lots of useful relevant training methods Ben, I may use some of these videos for my own work
22014696@cambria.ac.uk Common Elements 
Carys J Bold titles
Clear information
Accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation
22014696@cambria.ac.uk Sound. I think that sound is a good element as it helps engage the person to the topic. 
Carys J Colour scheme
22014690@cambria.ac.uk I agree with the above^
Sophie J Good use of videos and information
Good Links
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Harry T Include online tasks
Rob Q
  • People are unclear on what happens when they click on the green button - back to the task list or to another page? This could be solved through tweaking the text in the button.
  • Some people were confused by the mix of links and static text in the list of tasks. We could explore separating text instructions and links?
Include offline tasks
Include non-government tasks
Show sub-tasks users need to complete
Show when a task is completed
Rob Q
  • the meaning of the status indicator (completed) is less clear in the context of a long task. Does it mean I have completed reading about the task or that I have completed the task itself?
"I like the 'completed' icons. They stand out.. You're not going to miss them." StudentP4
"Is there a way of undoing the completed status?” Student P4
“The completed buttons are good, because they have that with UCAS as well, you don’t want to keep going to something that is already  done, it’s really handy. It shows me that yes I have applied for my provisional driving licence, yes I have found my driving instructor.” Student P7
Tim P
  • Discussion
Joe L
  • Harry Trimble Rob Le Quesne does this pattern assume that all steps are relevant to all people? What should happen when we only know what steps you should take because of your answers to previous questions? (branching)
Harry T
  • Only the tasks users must do. We tested a lot adding tasks based off users answers in the beginning. For example if a childminder answers they will be looking after kids 5 or younger, then the prototype added a 'do first aid training' task to the task list
Joe L
  • so in that example, is 'do first aid training' in the task list? What did you find from that testing?
Tim P
  • Examples on GOV.UK
Tim P
  • Post images and links to examples on GOV.UK or prototypes.
  • Research
Rob Q Over ten weeks, during November, December 2016 and January 2017 we tested various iterations of the Task List pattern across 3 prototypes.
  1.  'Become a registered childminder' prototype with 15 users who were either registered childminders or in the process of registering. 
  1.  'Learn to drive' prototype with 13 teenagers, all in the process of learning to drive.
  1. 'Transport Goods' prototype with 6 goods vehicle operators.
Regardless of the service in question, all people expressed the need to feel that they are...
supported, in control, informed, understood, updated.
People need to...
know how much it costs
understand how costs are calculated
understand how long it takes
understand what they have to do and by when
confirm if they can apply
explore different scenario’s
understand what they have to do
see everything at a glance
print a checklist
check the status of their application
know who to contact about their application
save their information and complete it later 
feel supported after completing their application
receive updates on their phone
get help to understand unfamiliar terms
know where to go for further information (third-party sites/other government resources)
understand their options around where I live
User quotes
"There is not a clear step by step, you know, what you need to do and at what stage you need to be registered. You sort of do it in stages anyway, but it does not set it out, you know, ‘Once you’ve done the course, you should have completed steps 1-3. Then when you have done the First Aid training, you should by doing 4, 5 and 6." Childminder 1
"If I had a one-off check list that would have been quite useful. I think specifically from the government, that would have been very useful before I even entered into it. I had to ask several places and do a lot of googling, trying to work out how to open or how much I’d need to spend to set up." Childminder 3
"I would want to know how long each task will take." Childminder 1
Harry T Understanding different user contexts
People’s mind states vary according to the task they are trying to achieve, from an office worker whose job it is to apply for export licenses to someone requesting the right to live and work in this country. 
Different types of applications involve different sets of tasks, from those that can be completed quickly in one sitting, to those that require supporting documents to be prepared over a period of weeks or months.
The experience can be time-consuming and stressful, as one aspiring childminder put it, “It feels like you’re being judged rather than helped sometimes.”
During our research, we spoke to a government agency where over 60% of customer support is attributed to queries about application procedure. 
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Keith E
  • On GOV.UK, we always warn users that following a link will download something (and how big it is). Finding yourself downloading a 5MB pdf can be a nasty surprise for mobile users.
Ed H Reports

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